Stacy E. Blasiola
Ph.D. Candidate, Research Assistant, Editorial Associate
Department of Communication, University of Illinois at Chicago
Behavioral Sciences Building #1149
1007 W. Harrison St. MC 132 Chicago, IL 60607 | @blasiola

University of Illinois at Chicago, Communication Ph.D., Expected 2016
Dissertation Committee: Zizi Papacharissi (chair), Axel Bruns, Chris Kanich, Steve Jones, Jessica Vitak

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Media Studies M.A., 2011
Thesis: Tweet, Blog, Write: An examination of social media use by journalists at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Advisor: David Allen

Montana State University, Philosophy B.A., 2001

National Science Foundation IGERT Fellowship in Electronic Security and Privacy, University of Illinois at Chicago. (2012-14). $60,000.

Microsoft Research New England, Research Intern, supervised by Nancy Baym and Tarleton Gillespie. (Summer, 2015)

Adjunct Instructor, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies, Fall 2015.
Adjunct Instructor, DePaul University, Cinema and Media Studies program, Department of Communication. Spring, 2015.

Research Assistant for Dr. Zizi Papacharissi, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2011–current.
Editorial Assistant, Social Media + Society. 2014-current.
Editorial Associate, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media. 2012–current.
Editorial Assistant, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 2011–2012.
Teaching Assistant for Dr. Mike Newman, JMC 101: Introduction to Mass Media, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2009–2011.

Vitak, J., Blasiola, S., Litt, E., & Patil, S. (2015). Balancing Audience and Privacy Tensions on Social Network Sites: Strategies of Highly Engaged Users. International Journal of Communication, 9, 20. Available at

Xu, W., Sang, Y., Blasiola, S., & Park, H.W. (2014). Predicting opinion leaders in   Twitter activism networks: The case of the Wisconsin recall election. American Behavioral Scientist, 58(10), 1278-1293.

Blasiola, S. (2011). Say, “Cheese!”: Cameras and bloggers in Wisconsin’s courtrooms. Reynolds Courts & Media Law Journal 1(2), 197-212.

Blasiola, S., Feng, M., & Massanari, A. (2015). Riding in cars with strangers: A cross cultural analysis of privacy and safety considerations in the augmented reality game Ingress. In M. Wilson & T. Leaver (Eds)., Social, casual, mobile: Changing games. New York: Bloomsbury. In preparation.

Blasiola, S., Sang, Y., & Xu, W. (2015). Technical activist actions in #CISPA Twitter discussion network. In N. Rambukkana (Ed.), Hashtag Publics. New York: Peter Lang. In preparation.


Vitak, J., Blasiola, S., Patil, S., & Litt, E. (June, 2014) Who’s watching me? Balancing audience and privacy tensions on social network sites. Paper to be presented at International Communication Association Annual Conference. Seattle, WA.

Blasiola, S. & Carviou, J. (October, 2013). #Lightsout: Audiencing and ad hoc community formation in the Super Bowl discussion network. Paper presented at Association of Internet Researchers Annual Conference. Denver, CO.

Blasiola, S. (October, 2013). #CISPA is back: A content analysis of the #CISPA Twitter discussion. Paper presented at University of Illinois Communication Collaboration Conference. Champaign, IL.

Xu, W., Blasiola, S., Sang, Y., & Park, H.W. (June, 2013). Predicting opinion leaders in a Twitter discussion network: The case of the Wisconsin recall election. Paper presented at International Communication Association Conference. London, UK.

Blasiola, S. (May, 2011). Say, “Cheese!,”: Cameras and bloggers in Wisconsin’s courtrooms. Paper presented at International Communication Association 2011 Conference. Boston, MA.

Blasiola, S. (2015, June 16). News Feed: Created by you? Talk given at Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.

Oxford Internet Institute Summer School. Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford. Oxford, England, UK.
CCI Winter School. (June, 2013). Arc Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.
Measuring Networked Social Privacy. (February, 2013). Computer Supported Cooperative Work Conference 2013. San Antonio, TX.
Summer Social Webshop (August, 2012). University of Maryland-College Park.

ESP-IGERT Program Travel Award, University of Illinois at Chicago (2014). $3,000.
CCI Winter School travel and tuition scholarship.
UIC Student Research Forum Poster Presentation, 1st place Art/Design/Humanities + Business/Comupter Science/ Mathematics + Social Sciences (2013). $300
ESP-IGERT Program Travel Award, University of Illinois at Chicago (2013). $600.
Louise J. Kordus Memorial Scholarship, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (2011). $1,250.
Graduate Student Travel Award, University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee (2011). $400.

Graduate Student Advisory Board, Chair. Social Media + Society
Reviewer. (2015) New Media & Society.
Guest Editor-in-Chief. (2014). Special issue: Old against new or a coming of age? Rethinking broadcasting in an era of electronic media. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 58(2).
Reviewer. (2014). Journal of Communication Inquiry.
Hiring committee member. (2013). University of Illinois at Chicago.
Reviewer. (2013). New Media & Society.

Interactive Media Revenue Development Director, January 2006–January 2010.
Journal Broadcast Group, Milwaukee, WI.

Advertising Account Executive, January 2005–January 2006., Milwaukee, WI.

Creating Convergence through Radio, TV and Online Campaigns. (April, 2009). Advantage Users Media Conference. Las Vegas, NV.
Interactive Sales Strategy II. (June, 2008). Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. Sturgeon Bay, WI.
Mobile Marketing Sales. (April, 2008). Panelist. National Association of Broadcasters. Las Vegas, NV.
How Will Media Companies Compete in the Web 2.0 Environment? (March, 2008). Panelist. American Marketing Association. Milwaukee, WI.
Interactive Sales Strategy. Radio Advertising Bureau. February, 2008, Atlanta, GA.
Interactive Sales Strategy and Convergence. (June, 2007). Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Madison, WI.

ACM – Association for Computing Machinery
AoIR – Association of Internet Researchers
ICA – International Communication Association
Radio & Television Professionals Network


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